Introduction into machine learning


For a series of lectures on machine learning at Nikhef i have developed a set of exercises as introduction to machine learning. It is aiming to introduce people with basic programming knowledge (in any language) to the field via scikit-learn.

Because i believe it is a noble goal to get more people to understand machine learning, i have decided to make the material public. You can find it here:

Game: Challenge the Machine!


SUSY-AI Online game

SUSY-AI Online ( now also contains a game! Do you think you can beat the machine and provide better classifications than SUSY-AI? Play the game now and see how well your bragging holds up. The game can be found here.

About me

I am a PhD student at the Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands. My research focuses on the use of Machine Learning in the search for Physics Beyond the Standard Model. So far, this work has already resulted in SUSY-AI, a first Python module that shows, as a proof-of-principle, that Machine Learning indeed has to potential to help immensly in the search for new physics.