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  Lecture Course 2016-17: General Relativity (NWI-NM107)

  This is a course on General Relativity at a level appropriate to master students in theoretical physics. It aims to convey the fundamental geometric concepts of the theory and the techniques required to express them quantitatively. We will study a number of important physical phenomena for which General Relativity provides a theoretical description, including the Schwarzschild geometry, black holes and gravitational radiation.

Lectures: Tue 10:45-12:30, Tutorials: Fri 15:45-17:30 (first half of semester), Fri 10:45-12:30 (second half of semester)

Course assistant: M. Reitz (HG02.064)

Literature: The main source of reference for this course are S. Carroll's lecture notes, available here, and his book "Spacetime and Geometry: An Introduction to General Relativity".

Lecture Course 2016-17: Special Relativity/Speciale Relativiteitstheorie (NWI-NP007B)

  This course will provide an introduction to Einstein's beautiful Theory of Special Relativity. We will discuss the relativity principle, learn about the geometry and invariances of four-dimensional Minkowski space, spacetime diagrams, Lorentz transformations and various applications, including length contraction, time dilation, the twin paradox and relativistic energy, as captured by Einstein's famous formula E=mc^2.

Lectures: Mon 10:45-12:30, Tutorials: see course schedule

Course tutors: L. van Dijk, P. de Haas

Literature: R.A. Serway and J.W. Jewett: Physics for Scientists and Engineers, with Modern Physics, Cengage Learning (BrooksCole), 9th edition, 2013.


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