Francesca Vidotto


That is a loopy life!

Sal – Hi Prof.
Simp – Hi Sal. So, I hear you are interested in loops.
Sal – Yes indeed, have been reading.
Simp – And?
Sal – Like it.
Simp – Do you want to start doing loops?
Sal – Maybe.
Simp – You are not going to find a job...

"A dialog on quantum gravity", Carlo Rovelli 2003

Do you think your classes of physics were hard? That was nothing...
Have you achieved brilliant results at school? It is not just about this...
Do you feel engaged by these questions? Sorry, that is not the right attitude...

Seriusly, there are really just a few PhD fellowships to study Quantum Gravity, there are even less postdoctoral positions and the possibilities to get a tenure are basically the same as winning the lottery. So you if you decide to study Quantum Gravity,

please do it if and only if this is really what makes you happy.

If despites these warnings you would like to have more informations about the possibilities in order to study Quantum Gravity, you can get more informations here.





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