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This page is still under construction: links to the conference websites and the slides will be made available soon.

Upcoming events:

- WE-Heraeus-Seminar Quantum Cosmology, Bad Honnef, Germany, August
26 talk (invited) TBA
- XI SIGRAV graduate school in contemporary relativity and gravitational physics Gravity and the Quantum Como, Italy, June
- Workshop Cosmology and the Constants of Nature, DAMPT, Cambridge, UK, March

Past events:

- FQXi's 4th International Conference The Physics of Information , Vieques, Puerto Rico, January


- CFP: Seminar on the Philosophical Foundations of Quantum Gravity, Illinois University of Chicago, US, 27-29 September
25 talk "Atomism and Relationalism as guiding principle for Quantum Gravity"
- Conference LOOPS'13, Perimeter Institute, Canada, July
24 talk "A covariant prospective on singularity resolution" video
- 20th International Conference on General Relativity and Gravitation (GR20), Uniwersytet Warszawski, Warsaw, Poland. 7-13 July
- Mini-workshop "Philosophie et Physique", Laboratoire Sphere*, Paris, France. 28 June
23 talk "Spinfoam and Cosmology", APC, Paris, France. 27 June
- Third Oxford Miniseries: "Cosmology and Quantum Foundations", Oxford, UK, June
- Workshop and Discussion Group: "Inflationary Evidence", Oxford, UK, June
- Workshop "Spacetime and the Wavefunction", Barcelona, Spain, April
- Workshop "Infinities and Cosmology", DAMPT, Cambridge, UK, March
22 talk: "Infinities as a measure of our ignorance"
– EFI Winter Conference on "Canonical and Covariant LQG", Tux, Austria, February
21 talk: "A new twist on spin connection"


"The Search for Quantum Gravity: CDT and Friends", Nijmegen, the Netherlands, December
– Perspectives of Fundamental Cosmology, Nordita Program, Stockholm, Sweden, November
20 talk: "Spinfoam and Cosmology"
– X International Ontology Congress "Physis. From elementary particle to human nature" San Sebastian, Spain, October
– 13th Marcel Grossmann Meeting, Stockholm, Sweden, July
14 talk: "Spinfoam Cosmology"
13 talk: "Spinfoam for cosmologists"
– Workshop "Quantum Gravity in Paris", APC-Paris, France, March
– Workshop "Landscapes for Quantum Gravity", Pavia, Italy, February


– VII International Conference on Gravitation and Cosmology, Goa, India, December
12 talk: "An Invitation to Spinfoam Cosmology"
– VI Aegean Summer School of Quantum Gravity and Quantum Cosmology, Greece, September
11 talk: "An Invitation to Spinfoam Cosmology"
– Women in Physics , Perimeter Institute, Canada, July
13 talk: "What's the entropy of the gravitational field?"
– "Challenges for Early Universe Cosmology , Perimeter Institute, Canada, July
12 PI Quantum Gravity group meeting on "Spinfoam Cosmology"
– LOOPS11 "Celebrating 25 years of Loop Quantum Gravity", Madrid, Spain, May
11 talk: "Result and open issues in Spinfoam Cosmology"
10 talk: "Singularity Resolution in Loop Quantum Cosmology"
– Workshop Mathematical, Physical and Conceptual aspects of Quantum Gravity, APC Paris, March
– Workshop "Quantum Gravity and Quantum Field Theory", Nice, France, March
9 talk: "Spinfoam Cosmology" video
– 3rd Quantum Geometry and Quantum Gravity School, Zakopane, Poland, March
–8 International Loop Quantum Gravity Seminars, given talk: "Spinfoam Cosmology"
audio available at


– International Fall Workshop on GEOMETRY and PHYSICS, Paris, France, October
– Spanish Relativity Meeting (ERE2010), Granada, Spain, September
7 talk: "Toward Spinfoam Cosmology"
– 19th International Conference on General Relativity and Gravitation (GR19), Mexico City, Mexico, July
6 talk: "Spinfoam Cosmology: quantum cosmology from the full theory"
– PASI Quantum Gravity summer school, Morelia, Mexico, June
– ESF science meeting: Open problems in Loop Quantum Gravity, Zakopane, Poland, March


– 2nd School and Workshop on Quantum Gravity and Quantum Geometry, Corfù, Grece, September.
– LOOPS09 International Conference on Quantum Gravity, Beijing Normal University, China, August
5 talk: "Quantum-Gravity Thermodynamics"
– The BNU International Summer School on Quantum Gravity, Beijing Normal University, China, July


– Quantum Gravity in Cracow^2, Jagiellonian University, Institute of Physics, Cracow, Poland
4 talk: "Mini-superspace Loop Quantum Gravity"
– Second TRR33 Winter School "Theory for observers & Observations for theorists",
3 Passo del Tonale, Italy, December talk: "Loop Quantum Cosmology"
– Emergent Gravity 08 Workshop, MIT Boston, US, August
– Young Loops and Foams 08 Workshop, Perimeter Institute, Canada, August
– QG2 2008 Quantum Geometry and Quantum Gravity Conference, Nottingham, UK, July:
2 talk: "Stepping out of homogeneity in Loop Quantum Cosmology"
– Quantum Gravity Colloquium 4, Albert Einstein Institute, Berlin, Germany, May:
1 talk: "Dipole Cosmology"
– Workshop CosmoTools, Marseille, France, April
– ESF science meeting Quantum Gravity: Loops and Foams, Zakopane, Poland, March


– Italian Logic and Philosophy of Science (SILFS) Conference, Milano, Italy, October
– "From Quantum to Emergent Gravity: Theory and Phenomenology", SISSA Trieste, Italy, June
– 1st Quantum Geometry and Quantum Gravity School, Zakopane, Poland, March


– International Conference "Spacetime in Action", Pavia, Italy, March


– IV Summer School of Philosophy of Physics (SILFS), Cesena, Italy, September.





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