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Our regular slot for seminars on quantum gravity and other interesting topics is on Fridays at 14.00h. The venue is HG02.802, unless specified otherwise.
UPDATE Seminars are currently taking place remotely on Fridays at 14.30h. If you are not on one of our distribution lists for the announcements, please contact R. Loll for log-in details if you would like to participate in a specific event.

The other event hosted by the group is an informal brown-bag lunchtime discussion and journal club (currently organized by Timothy Budd - send him an email if you want to join the mailing list) which takes place on Wednesdays at 12.30h in room HG02.802, unless specified otherwise. UPDATE Also these seminars are currently happening online, usually on Wednesday at 14.30h. The schedule can be found here.

Past and forthcoming events:

Dec 4 QG Seminar Vitor Cardoso (Lisbon): tba
Nov 27 QG Seminar Giuseppe Clemente (RU): Spectral methods in Causal Dynamical Triangulations: from dual graphs to finite elements
Nov 20 QG Seminar Manuel Reichert (Sussex U): Quantum Gravity: a fluctuating point of view
Nov 13 QG Seminar Marios Christodoulou (U Hong Kong and Oxford U): Quantum superpositions of graphs
Nov 6 QG Seminar Maarten van de Meent (MPI Potsdam): Extreme Mass Ratio Inspirals and their dynamics
Oct 30 QG Seminar Lesław Rachwał (FU Juiz de Fora): Finite quantum gravity
Oct 23 QG Seminar Niels Obers (Nordita, Stockholm): Non-relativistic expansion of General Relativity
Oct 9 QG Seminar Job Feldbrugge (Carnegie Mellon U and Perimeter I): Lorentzian quantum cosmology
Oct 2 QG Seminar Beatrice Bonga (Radboud): BMS-like structures in cosmology
Sep 25 QG Seminar Suddhasattwa Brahma (McGill): Quantum gravity completion of de Sitter spacetime
Jul 10 QG Seminar Marcel Vonk (UvA): Resurgence for quantum gravity enthusiasts
Jul 3 QG Seminar Igor Khavkine (Czech Academy of Sciences): Harmonic gauge classical and quantum fields around a Schwarzschild black hole
Jun 26 QG Seminar Michal Eckstein (U Gdansk): From spectral dimension to dimension spectrum and back
Jun 19 QG Seminar Bianca Dittrich (Perimeter I.): Can spin foams work?
Jun 12 QG Seminar Annegret Burtscher (RU): On the metric structure and curvature bounds in Lorentzian geometry
Jun 5 QG Seminar Sumati Surya (Raman Institute, Bangalore): Quantum dynamics for causal sets: Three approaches
May 29 QG Seminar Stratos Papadoudis (NTU Athens): Complex Langevin analysis of the spontaneous breaking of 10D rotational symmetry in the Euclidean IKKT matrix model
May 15 QG Seminar Susanne Schander (U Erlangen): Backreactions in quantum cosmological perturbation theory
May 8 QG Seminar Alfredo Perez (CECs, Valdivia, Chile): Spacetime structure near black hole and cosmological horizons in any dimension and soft hair
May 1 QG Seminar Jacome Armas (UvA): A certain improvement of the Blandford-Znajek mechanism
Apr 24 QG Seminar *unusual time 14.30h* Fabrizio Canfora (CECs, Valdivia, Chile): From gravitating Skyrmions to flat Skyrmions at finite density: building crystals
Feb 21 QG Seminar Luca Lionni (RU): Scaling limits of random graphs and a proposal for random geometry in higher dimensions
Feb 7 QG Seminar Kevin Grosvenor (U Würzburg): Entanglement entropy and subregion complexity in thermal perturbations around pure-AdS
Feb 5 Joint QG&Maths Seminar *unusual day and time 12.30h* Desmond Johnston (Heriot-Watt, Edinburgh): The 3D plaquette Ising model: From random surfaces to fractons
Dec 13 QG Seminar Yuri Makeenko (ITEP, Moscow): Non-perturbative quantization of effective string
Dec 6 QG Seminar Yuki Sato (Nagoya U and RU): How to "cool down" the Ising model on 2d dynamical triangulations
Nov 29 QG Seminar Razvan Gurau (I. Polytechnique, Paris): Tensor field theory
Nov 22 QG Seminar Clara Nellist (RU): How to measure a particle: from detector hits to statistical fits
Nov 14 QG Seminar *unusual day* Alicia Castro (Radboud): Point particle in 3D discrete gravity and holography
Nov 8 QG Seminar Wioletta Ruszel (Utrecht U): Emergence of interfaces from sandpile models
Oct 22 QG Seminar *unusual day and time 13.30h* Seth Kurankyi Asante (U Waterloo & Perimeter I.): Holographic dualities for 3D metric gravity
Oct 4 QG Seminar Bianca Dittrich (Perimeter & RU): Quantum geometry from higher gauge theory
Sep 27 QG Seminar Andrew Levan (RU): The origin of heavy elements from gravitational wave induced mergers
Sep 20 QG Seminar Will Cunningham (Perimeter I): Dimensionally restricted causal sets
Sep 18 QG Seminar *unusual day and time 12.30h* Leon Sosapanta Salas: Quantum gravity effects on the stability of accretion toward a Schwarzschild black hole
Sep 13 QG Seminar Beatrice Bonga (Perimeter I): Angular momentum radiated by electromagnetic versus gravitational waves
Sep 6 QG Seminar Manuel Reichert (U Southern Denmark): Towards diffeomorphism invariance and background independence in asymptotically safe quantum gravity
Jul 5 QG Seminar Andrzej Görlich (Krakow U): CDT - toroidal topology and coordinates
Jun 3 QG Seminar *unusual day* Antonio Pereira (U Federal Fluminense): Gauge copies and confinement
Apr 12 QG Seminar Gerben Oling (NBI, U Copenhagen): Non-relativistic gravity from a limit of AdS3
Mar 29 QG Seminar Mario Herrero Valea (EPFL, Lausanne): Unimodular gravity and the cosmological constant
Mar 15 QG Seminar Filipe de Oliveira Salles (CBPF, Rio de Janeiro): On the ghost-induced instability on de Sitter background CANCELLED
Mar 1 QG Seminar Andrea Fuster (Eindhoven U.): Finsler gravity: what, why and how
Feb 15 QG Seminar Shira Chapman (UvA): Holographic complexity in Vaidya spacetimes
Feb 8 QG Seminar Antonio Pereira (Heidelberg U): Background independent renormalization group flows in tensor models
Jan 18 QG Seminar Diederik Roest (RU Groningen): The primordial universe: from inflation to geometry
Dec 14 QG Seminar Frank Verbunt (RU): Determination of neutron-star velocities
Dec 7 QG Seminar Sean Gryb (RU Groningen): On the universality of Hawking radiation
Nov 23 QG Seminar Bert Kappen (RU): Quantum machine learning
Nov 9 QG Seminar Maximilian Becker (U. Mainz): Scaling of geometric operators in Asymptotic Safety
Oct 19 QG Seminar Alessandro Codello (Bologna): Universality in the epsilon-expansion
Oct 12 QG Seminar Annegret Burtscher (RU): Spacetimes with matter and low regularity
Oct 5 QG Seminar Guilherme Franzmann (McGill): Beyond Inflation: The String Gas Cosmology and recent developments
Sep 20 QG Seminar *unusual day* Alessia Bonanno (Catania): The inner structure of a quantum black hole
Sep 11 QG Seminar *unusual day and time 13.30h* Fernando Barbero (CSIC Madrid): On the distribution of the eigenvalues of the area operator in loop quantum gravity
Sep 11 QG Seminar *unusual day and time 14.20h* Domenico Giulini (U. Hannover): Elementary considerations concerning quantum mechanics and gravity

Here is a selection of my past and future appearances as seminar or conference speaker and of other engagements.


Jan 21 Invited Talk, Physics@Veldhoven, Veldhoven, The Netherlands
Jan 27 Invited Talk, Colloquium, Max-Planck Institute for Complex Systems, Dresden, Germany
Jun 8 Contributed Talk, Workshop "New developments in dimensions 3 and higher", Paris, France -- cancelled
Jun 23 Invited Talk, Conference "Quantum Geometry 2020", Torshavn, Faroe Islands -- cancelled
Jul 14 Invited Talk, Quantum Gravity 2020, Perimeter Institute, Canada (online event)
Sep 6 Invited Lecture, Vienna Summer School 2020 on Gravitational Quantum Physics , University of Vienna, Austria (online event)


Jan 22 Invited Talk, Symposium "Road to Reality", IAS, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Feb 22 Invited Talk, Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities, Berlin, Germany
Apr 8 Seminar Talk, Pisa University, Pisa, Italy
Jun 11 Invited Talk, Conference "Gravity and Other Fields Under the Volcano", Catania, Italy
Jul 11 Contributed Talk, 22nd International Conference on General Relativity and Gravitation, Valencia, Spain
Jul 12 Invited Talk, Conference 't Hooft 2019, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Jul 23 Invited Talk, Quantum and Gravity in Okinawa, OIST, Okinawa, Japan
Sep 3 Invited Lectures, 51. Herbstschule für Hochenergiephyik, Maria Laach, Germany
Sep 17 Invited Talk, Workshop on Quantum Geometry, Field Theory and Gravity, Corfu, Greece
Oct 23 Invited Talk, Conference on Quantum Gases, Fundamental Interactions and Cosmology, Pisa, Italy
Nov 18 Invited Talk, Emmy Noether Workshop: The Structure of Quantum Space Time, Perimeter Institute, Canada


Jan 24 Focus Session Talk, "Physics at Veldhoven Conference 2018", Veldhoven, The Netherlands
Feb 22 Invited Talk, Workshop "Quantum Spacetime '18", Sofia, Bulgaria
Apr 16 Special Huygens Colloquium, commemorating Stephen Hawking, Radboud University, The Netherlands
May 17 Seminar Talk, Cosmology Group, Perimeter Institute, Waterloo, Canada
Jun 13 Seminar Talk, Universite Libre de Bruxelles, Brussels, Belgium
Jun 22 Invited Talk, Workshop on "Quantum spacetime and the renormalization group", Bad Honnef, Germany
Jul 9 Invited Talk, Conference "Exact Renormalization Group 2018", Paris, France
Sep 27 Invited Talk, MITP Workshop on "Quantum Fields", Mainz, Germany
Nov 5 Invited Talk, Workshop on "Physics and Mathematics of Discrete Geometries", Nagoya, Japan
Nov 19 Jury speech, Symposium "Views on Spacetime", Award of the 2018 Lorentz Medal, KNAW, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Nov 28 Invited Talk, Symposium on "Forces of Nature", Groningen, The Netherlands


Jan 31 Seminar Talk, Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Feb 8 Invited Talk, Workshop on "Path Integration in Complex Dynamical Systems", Leiden, The Netherlands
Feb 14 Invited Talk, Workshop on "Quantum Spacetime and the Renormalization Group", Leiden, The Netherlands
Mar 30-31 Invited Lectures, Graduate Days, Institute of Physics, Graz University, Austria
Apr 10 Invited Talk, Domeinmiddag Dutch Royal Society, Domain for Natural Sciences and Engineering (NTW), Amsterdam, The Netherlands
May 10 Seminar Talk, Quantum Gravity Group, Perimeter Institute, Waterloo, Canada
Jul 10 Invited Talk, Conference on "Probing the Spacetime Fabric", Trieste, Italy
Sep 20 Invited Talk, Ninth Mathematical Physics Meeting, Belgrade, Serbia
Oct 30 Colloquium, University of Göttingen, Germany
Dec 19 Invited Talk, 6th Rome Joint Workshop, Frascati, Italy


Mar 2 Plenary Talk, Spring Meeting of the German Physical Society, Hamburg, Germany
Mar 7 Invited Talk, Physics and Astronomy Section, Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW), Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Apr 4 Invited Talk, FYSICA 2016, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Jun 13 Colloquium, Freiburg University, Germany
Jun 20 Plenary Talk, Conference on 'Emergent properties of spacetime', CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
Jun 30 Plenary Talk, Conference on 'Time in cosmology', Perimeter Institute, Waterloo, Canada
Jul 11 Invited Parallel Talk, 21st International Conference on General Relativity and Gravitation (GR21), Columbia University, New York City, U.S.A.
Sep 21 Plenary Talk, Conference 'Recent Developments in Gravity', Mykonos, Greece
Oct 4 Plenary Talk, Riemann Conference, Munster, Germany
Nov 14 Colloquium, University College London, United Kingdom
Dec 5 Colloquium, Huygens Colloquium, Faculty of Science, Radboud University, The Netherlands


Jan 20 Focus Session "Quantum Gravity", Physics@FOM Veldhoven 2015, The Netherlands
Feb 9 Colloquium, Freiburg University, Germany - cancelled
Feb 12 Invited Lecture, Donders Beyond Borders, Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Mar 5 Invited Lecture, Vrouwen in de Spotlight, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Mar 18 Plenary Talk, 49th Annual Meeting of the Finnish Physical Society, Helsinki, Finland
May 21 Seminar, Perimeter Institute, Waterloo, Canada
Jun 12 Plenary Talk, 20th Itzykson Conference: Random Surfaces and Random Geometry, IPhT, CEA Saclay, France
Sep 7 Invited Talk, Workshop on Prospects for Causal Set Quantum Gravity, ICMS, Edinburgh, UK
Oct 7 Invited Talk, Workshop on 100 Years of Curved Spacetime, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna, Austria
Oct 9 Invited Talk, 'The Information Universe' Conference, Groningen, The Netherlands
Dec 9 Colloquium, Nordrhein-Westfalische Akademie der Wissenschaften und der Kunste, Dusseldorf, Germany


Jan 31 Colloquium, Heidelberg University, Germany
Mar 3 Invited Talk, Workshop on Quantum Gravity and Fundamental Cosmology, Albert-Einstein Institute, Potsdam-Golm, Germany
Mar 18 Invited Lecture, Royal Physical Society, Groningen, The Netherlands
Mar 23 Colloquium, Tel Aviv University, Israel
Mar 24 Plenary Talk, 2014 COST Meeting on Fundamental Problems in Quantum Physics, Weizmann Institute, Rehovot, Israel
Apr 22 Invited Talk, Workshop on "Renormalization Group Approaches to Quantum Gravity", Perimeter Institute, Waterloo, Canada
Jul 14 Invited Talk, Workshop on "Combinatorics, Geometry and Physics", Erwin Schrodinger Institute, Vienna, Austria
Sep 11 Plenary Talk, Conference on "Conceptual and Technical Challenges for Quantum Gravity 2014", University La Sapienza, Rome, Italy
Sep 28 Plenary Talk, Conference "Isham at 70: Modern Issues in Foundations of Physics", Imperial College, London, UK
Dec 16 Invited Talk, NIKHEF Jamboree 2014, Nijmegen, The Netherlands



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