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  Lecture Course 2022-23: General Relativity (NWI-NM107)

  This is a course on General Relativity at a level appropriate to master students in theoretical physics. It aims to convey the fundamental geometric concepts of the theory and the techniques required to express them quantitatively. We will study a number of important physical phenomena for which General Relativity provides a theoretical description, including the Schwarzschild geometry, black holes and gravitational radiation.

Course assistants: C. Laporte and A. Silva (HG02.068)

Literature: The main source of reference for this course are S. Carroll's lecture notes, available here, and his book "Spacetime and Geometry: An Introduction to General Relativity".

Lecture Course 2022-23: Quantum Gravity (NWI-NM114)

  This is an introductory course on Quantum Gravity for master students who are theoretically minded and have taken or are taking master courses in quantum field theory and general relativity. The lectures will cover different ways of quantising gravity, perturbative and nonperturbative, covariant and canonical. The course will introduce the basic ideas and mathematical tools needed to understand the construction of different quantum formulations, as well as some of the classical structures underlying them.

Course assistant: A. Ferreiro

Literature: C. Kiefer: "Quantum Gravity", 3rd edition, Oxford University Press, 2012.


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